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Get Dragon Boat Festival Delights at Xinyifang East Square
2024-06-07 16:52      Source:Hangzhou China      

As the Dragon Boat Festival draws near, yellow croaker, Asian swamp eel, cucumber, salted egg yolk, and realgar wine are appearing frequently on the tables. This weekend (June 1 and 2), we invite you to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival in style at the 2024 Dragon Boat Festival Fireworks Market, under the theme “A Bite of Zhejiang · A Savor of Hangzhou,” at the Xinyifang East Square on the Hushu South Road.

This event boasts over 40 booths from nearly 10 participating companies, showcasing over 100 well-known brands of agricultural products. Local exhibitors promise to offer a 20% discount on all egg products. Louwailou, a newly-named Michelin restaurant, will also be joining this year’s Dragon Boat Festival Market, serving up their popular dishes such as the Southern Song Dingsheng Cake, Hangzhou Drunk Chicken, and the Dongpo Meat Zongzi.

This year’s Dragon Boat Festival exhibition goes beyond food, services, and discounts. It takes the form of a market, blending the charm of rural life with traditional folk customs and modern fashion trends. Mark your calendars for June 1 and head to the Xinyifang East Square to explore the market, taste delectable treats, and bring home your favorite finds!