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Fair in Ancient Style Opens to Disseminate Cultural Awareness amidst Children
2024-06-03 14:31      Source:Hangzhou China      

2024 Pre-schooling Month, a province-wide public awareness campaign organized by the province’s education authority, was officially unveiled at ZJNU’s Kindergarten Education Group.

As part of the Month’s series, an immersive children’s experience activity was held at both the First Kindergarten and Yike Kindergarten. The event that featured stalls abundant with Song Dynasty charms, including tea shops, cake workshops, and sweet paintings, etc., garnered over two hundred families from across the province and numerous early childhood educators. They gained insights into the wisdom of our ancestors’ lifestyles through gameplay. Amidst the bustling fusion of past and present activities, seeds of culture are sown, nurturing a vibrant harvest of heritages.