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Hydrangea Show Is Coming to Wushan
2024-06-03 14:27      Source:Hangzhou China      

The curtains of the much-anticipated tenth Wushan Hydrangea Show was raised. Unlike the ones in previous years, the floral assembly this year, centering around “traditional Chinese culture and its heritages,” rolls out a myriad of events that also ensure hands-on experience of China’s finest old culture for those flower wooers. 

This year’s event, according to the Wushan scenic administration, features five more orchestrated horticultural works at Wushan Top, The Tree Platform, and other places.

The one named “A Dragon Dancer” is in particular worthy of a visit. In an artistic fusion of old and new, gardeners have ingeniously set up a striking “Dragon Dance” display amidst the aged stone engravings, using foamed plastics and dead woods. The dragon, measuring an astonishing 20 meters in length and serving as the exhibit’s focal point, is masterfully made of dead tree branches. Its regal horns, whiskers, and fangs are all cleverly repurposed from discarded garden materials. At the entrance of the City God’s Pavilion, stairs that lead upwards are adorned with floor decals featuring Hydrangea in a style of ink paintings, echoing the blooming flowers on either side and creating a vibrant pathway. Meanwhile, a stunning sea of Hydrangeas spanning nearly a thousand square meters has been crafted along the Path of Notables, forming a dazzling floral spectacle.

The Flower Show is climaxed by the arrangements on the second floor of the City God’s Pavilion, where 120 new or rare Hydrangea varieties are on display in the form of combined planters, space floral art, and garden ornaments. Among them, the stunning debut of the “Qingshan Series,” independently developed by the Hydrangea Industry National Innovation Alliance, steals the show. This series, the fruit of a five-year endeavor, emerged from a rigorous breeding process involving selection and hybridization of 3,000 Hydrangea varieties. They are characterized by upright growth habit, strong stress resistance, prolonged flowering period, and vivid colors. The administration is also calling for the name of two debuted varieties. You may check the WeChat account “Fenghuang Hill Administration” to join the initiative.  

The Flower Show will remain open till June 24. During the event, the scenic administration will also be introducing to visitors a special, limited-time “Floral Hairpin” experience, allowing them to savor the elegance of “Song Dynasty Style” by dressing themselves with floral hairpins and shooting photos on site.