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West Lake Unveils a Lotus Show with Specialties from Five Cities
2024-06-27 14:38      Source:Hangzhou China      

On June 24, a grand show of lotus flowers jointly sponsored by five cities was initiated at the Qianwang Temple by the West Lake. It will be another eye feast for citizens and tourists.

This exhibition is jointly hosted by the West Lake Water Administration in Hangzhou, Lianhuashan Park in Guangzhou, the botanical garden in Xishuangbanna, Zhuozheng Garden in Suzhou, and Mochou Lake Park in Nanjing. It consists of four exhibition areas respectively at the lotus area of the West Lake, the Three Pools, the Yongjin Square, and the Qianwang Temple. Aside from a delivery of the charm of lotus and water lilies, it is a chance to understand and learn what is the symbol of these flowers by enveloping oneself in such lovely spaces and themed art exhibitions, gallery, and study activities.

Public attention is particularly drawn to the lotus show in Qianwang Temple. Along the path from the Five Archways to the Temple structure there are graceful corners that each titled “Brocade Fan”, “A Dream of Qiantang”, “Lotus in Lotus”, “Water Charm”, and “The Five Cities”.

Little Elves and Nile New Poetry, the two new lotus varieties coming afar from the Lianhuashan Park, as well as a Victoria lily sort exclusive to Xishuangbanna, are the special ones guested to this show and the West Lake. Now in full blossom, the aquatic flowers stand not only for an enriched tapestry of lotus and lily culture but the flowers’ robust vitality.

In the Yueli Hall, the display of the micro ecological landscape of the West Lake unveils to visitors the world under the water. Yuhang Water Leek, an endangered plant species, sets a special example on the diversity of aquatic ecology. These rare plants, together with the fish in the West Lake, create a miniature world that allows people to not only appreciate but feel the wonder of a lake ecology. The show also features a gallery with contributions of artists such as Chen Lan, and the art show titled “Free Lotus” is indeed a surprise for those lotus and lily lovers.

According to the administration of the West Lake, the event is an attempt they have made to let more people access and grab the inner charm of the lake, and as well a drive to enlighten a public commitment to well preserving the heritage for the entire world.