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A Time When Graduation Ceremony Embraces the National Costume
2024-06-24 14:32      Source:Hangzhou China      

Zhejiang Shuren University held its 2024 graduation ceremony with a banner of “Meet You and Future.” Notably, the graduates had their gowns adorned with traditional apparel designs, such as floral hairpins, cloud-collar scarves, and horse-face skirts, filling the venue with a prevalent “national costume” style.

“Wearing flowers on my head and blooms on my collar, which stands for a long way along with prosperity,” Sun Chenyang, a graduate in Business Management major, smiles. “This is a beautiful finale to my college life. I hope that in the future, every step I take will be met with blossoming success.”

At the ceremony, Yang Bingning, a graduate majoring in Visual Communication Design (Digital Media), gave her mother a special gift. She knew her mother missed her own school days very much, so she prepared a self-made “hairpin hat” for mother. It was a token that allowed her mum to bask herself in the campus life and a sign of gratitude to her family.