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A New Landmark Is Slated to Be Unveiled along Liangzhu’s Cultural Cluster
2024-06-20 10:41      Source:Hangzhou China      

Liangzhu Art Complex, a new industry park with a focal point on cultural creativity and art exhibitions, is expected to be completed by the end of this month and open for a pilot run in July. This will be another cultural landmark along the Liangzhu Cultural Corridor.

The Complex is located on the east side of Liangzhu Ancient City, and on the west side of Hangzhou National Library of Editions and Liangzhu Museum. This is the earliest one of the “Ten Projects” (phase I) of the Liangzhu Cultural Corridor, and will also be the first to be delivered.

The remaining 11 buildings of the former Changming Printing Factory will see an upgrade in landscaping and town facilities. It will become a complex that can hold exhibitions, provide artworks, and serve as shopping or office spaces.

“We’ll make Buildings 2, 3, 4, and 5 exhibition spaces, Building 6 a salon for artists, and Building 7 a workshop for students. We also provide Buildings 8, 9, and 10 as semi-open studios for those young artists and cultural practitioners about to settle themselves in,” said the authority.

North of the Complex there is a “Craftsman Village” comprising a total of 12 buildings, whose exterior facades are now being renovated. It will be a space for art masters and the younger generations. This will be a new drive for the growth of the local tourism and around.

Now the commercial schemes and promotion are still being carried out for the Complex. The slogan, “Liangzhu 5,000 and Art Park”, calls for partners longing for the opening of the coolest stores in this age-old city.

Near the Complex there is also a greenway extending 17 kilometers long, which is taking shape. It will help align attractions such as the Liangzhu Museum, Liangzhu Ancient City, Yaoshan Site, Liangzhu Theater, and Anxi Ancient Town into a series, giving full play to the local tour resources for a “one-stop” travel experience on the past 5,000 years.

It is learned that the construction of the first phase of the “Ten Projects” has been in full swing. In addition to the Complex, projects like “A Journey to Liangzhu Civilization”, “Jingshan Tea Culture Park”, and “Pingyao Reborn” have also begun. The schemes for the phase II of Liangzhu Museum and the Luniao Complex are now being adjusted. The rest four projects are in the preliminary stage, like site selection and conceptual design. The constrcutions are about to start before the end of the year.