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A Lakeview Performing Show Unveiled to Sustain the Asian Games’ Popularity
2024-06-19 10:49      Source:Hangzhou China      

The earliest canoe in China, the Liangzhu civilization, boys and girls all in traditional han-fu dress, the gorgeous lady Xishi, the digital torch bearer at the grand opening and closing of the 19th Asian Games, and, of course, the magnificent flame tower…    

On the evening of June 16, the Xianghu Yayun Park saw the premiere of “The Enduring Charm of Xianghu”, the city’s first immersive lakeview performing show as one of the Asian Games’ legacies. It was a trial, yet the audiences still drowned themselves in a journey, following the steps of the AI persona, through the cultures that once thrived in the periods of Kuahuqiao, Liangzhu, Wuyue Kingdom, the Southern Song Dynasty, and the modern society.

Against the fallen night on the Xianghu Lake, it was an eye feast laden with cool technologies and brilliant cultural elements. It presented not only legendary tales but a surreal community that featured a holistic mechanical stage, multi-dimensional CNC laser fountain, 270-degree holographic images, virtual stunts, and aerial drone show, etc., leaving the audience a spectacle.

This is in fact an effort to make the appeal of the Asian Games continued. The park, created as the venue for the Games’ opening and closing ceremonies, features rolling hills as the backdrop and a crystal lake as the performing stage, with a circular main floor that can be raised as well as four projecting facilities and six flexible, vertical screens on the lake surface. The 100-meter music fountain screen and the light sculpture “Tides of Qianjiang” also help give thrills to those watching the show of legends.

The auditorium, opposite to the stage, accommodates a total of 1,214 seats, comprised of 1,020 in the grandstand area and 194 in the booth section. The grandstand is designed in a crescent shape, with multiple features incorporating elements like “waves” and “lotus flowers,” symbolizing the region’s cultural and natural motifs. The building’s exterior, made of exposed architectural concrete in unconventional forms, seamlessly blends with the pristine landscape of Xianghu Lake.

The show will be officially premiered on June 30. To greet the approaching post-Games era, Xianghu Lake will be a role model making full use of the Games’ legaces to develop show economy. Xianghu Yayun Park and its performing arts will become a new landmark of Xianghu Lake’s tourism IP in the new era.