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Huang Wu Fei, a New Lotus Breed Embraces Its Debut on the Lake
2024-06-18 09:54      Source:Hangzhou China      

Lotus is now in bloom on the West Lake, and amidst the profusion of flowers, some delicate pale-yellow ones stand out with a special aura.

Through the western entrance of the Flower Harbor, a leisurely walk towards the vicinity of the Cuiyu Hall reveals a stunning sight. There is a patch of ivory-yellow lotus flowers pirouetting gracefully in the western zone, in stark contrast to the ordinary lotus. This is called Huang Wu Fei (a yellow princess dancing on the stage), a hybrid one whose allure transcends borders.

The West Lake’s administration said Huang Wu Fei is a variety they introduced from Wuhan in 2015. It bears a faint green hue at the tip of its buds, like a dancing girl in a yellow dress. When in full bloom, the stamens turn yellow. Its flowering period starts from early or mid-June, and its prime falls from the end of July to mid/late August.

If you’re going to visit the West Lake, just go look for such faint yet stunning yellows.