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Fuyang Hosts a Folk Artwork Show to Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival
2024-06-18 09:50      Source:Hangzhou China      

Fuyi Sunshine Folk Craft Exhibition, organized by Fuyang District Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and hosted by Fuyang District Folk Literature and Art Association, Fuchun Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Yinhu Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and Yuchangcheng Plaza, was held at the Yuchangcheng Plaza from June 4 to 10. It was a supplement to the flair of the traditional Dragon Boat Festival.

The exhibition, with 42 booths, has 38 guardians of cultural heritages or master artists and craftsmen devoting their lives to ceramics, pen making, copper decoration, sculpture, bamboo carving, curtain making, wooden boat, printing, cloth art, umbrella art, paper cutting, and metal painting. Each of the masterworks they brought demonstrates a unique attitude to life. There is also a market of antiques offering traditional costumes, cultural heritage experience activities, and farmed specialty sales. 

“Each of the artwork is a brainchild of those brilliant folk guys. They are great and unique for the craftsmanship and techniques. This is not only an eye feast but a tribute to our traditions, an encounter of the old age with modern styles,” said the organizer. He further explained this exhibition aims to fuel up the innovation of Fuyang’s folk handicrafts and better guard and save them. It is also a platform on which the public can learn more about the charms the local art, and an opportunity for mutual learning and view exchange.”