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Bus 7 Becomes a Super Star Route along the West Lake
2024-05-08 16:30      Source:Hangzhou China      

The bus stops around the West Lake, during the May Day holiday, are a hubbub of incessant hustle and bustle every day.

Statistics from the city’s Public Transport Group show that, by 17:00 on May 5, the total in-holiday passenger flow across the West Lake scenic area via public transit had reached 2.2387 million. The traffic reached 665,200 on May 2 alone, a record high surpassing the previous record of 536,800 on April 5 in the middle of the Qingming Festival this year.  

The Bus 7, which shuttles between the city’s Railway Station and Lingyin Temple, holds the distinction of being the first bus line not only in Hangzhou but in Zhejiang Province, boasting a century-long operational history. To this day, the route has continued to be a favor of both tourists and locals on journeys to the West Lake, a delightful experience brimming with picturesque landscapes and the city's allure along the way. During this year’s May Day holiday, Bus 7 again holds its position as the premier “champion” lake circuit, boasting the highest passenger traffic among all the bus routes. Its total traffic reached 85,995 on May 2 alone, very close to the record of 87,000 made on Feb. 14 during the Spring Festival.  

Besides, Bus 4 between Longxiangqiao and Jiuxi (the Nine Creeks) and 1314 (a homophone that implies “love for a life long”) are popular.

Prior to the May Day, the city’s Public Transport Group offered a privileged one-day or two-day ticket plan. By 17:00 on May 5, it had sold 4,705 one-day tickets and 430 two-day tickets. With a total of 14,916 instances, many have exclaimed that it was ‘worth the fare,’ bringing tangible convenience and savings to both citizens and tourists on their travels. Statistics say that Bus 7, 4, 1314 and the shuttle between Xixi Road Parking and Lingyin Temple enjoyed the peak popularity.