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The City’s Commercial Areas Have More Eye-pleasing Sites
2024-05-23 10:35      Source:Hangzhou China      

The newly-built lakeside fun facility “Infinite Films” at Hubin Pedestrian Street is a new interpretation to the palpable romance of the city.

Some 8 meters wide and 5 meters high, the frame sits quietly by the rippling West Lake. We may either stand by watching the vivacious views within, or step into the frame making ourselves a part of the thrills. The “Infinite Films” refers to a perfect blend of life bustles, lake views, and cityscapes, or, like its name, presents a city-exclusive film that never dies.

The law enforcement authority of Shangcheng District, since earlier this year, has made aesthetics a vital part of urban management particularly for revitalizing the old commercial areas. They have a plan steering the commercial streets to, based upon their own strengths, create landmark photo sites, themed landscaping, and structured displays. The series of new exciting, stylish urban sights, diverse in ways of display, can provide new shopping models. 

View facilities like the “Infinite Films” are not scarce in Shangcheng. The “Joyous Box”, street lighting of the MixC City, and the shopping pavilion “cyclecycle” are also creative examples that have profusely contributed to the cityscapes. Those facilities, being aesthetically well planned, are bringing our city a new look. They provide more options for travelers and shoppers, allowing them to find arts and the vitality of the city on even an old, average street.