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Shangcheng Strikes with Palpable Highlights in China’s Tourism Day Celebrations
2024-05-21 15:09      Source:Hangzhou China      

A module of “Zhejiang Week” of the “5.19 China Tourism Day”, the eventful campaign “Travel in Shangcheng” (also the photo contest) was launched on May 16 (A.M.) at Wushan Square, calling visitors to join a wide range of culture-learning and entertaining activities, like scenic views, bazaars, picture shooting points, Citywalk, and the like.

A list of Shangcheng’s must-go places for this year was also made public. The 40 locations in four categories, i.e. tour attractions, recreational points, traditional dishes, and botique hotels, constitute a guideline to fully understand Shangcheng. “The list consists of traditionally very popular attractions and some new spaces particularly exciting to the young generation, those in pursuit of cool lifestyle in recent years,” said the district’s tourism promotion authority. In his eyes, Livehouse, show theaters, and cultural spaces are also full of the thrills.

The two old bazaars are also on a new look. One at Wushan Square offers a strip of fun items and activities, and the other one at the Confucian Temple is actually a book mart. Both will last three days (from May 17 to 19).

The second “Tianfeng Market”, in the wake of its debut with a traffic of 150,000 visits during the May Day holiday, will come again providing cuisines, souvenirs, and heritage crafts as before, as well as some new benefits, such as health and travel privileges, allowing people to enjoy a slowed pace of life.

The Confucian Temple’s Book Market, which has proved a great success last year, will see an update this year. The “book exchange” activity aside, the market will be crammed with over 100 stands in multiple categories, separately for handicrafts, new readings, and used books. It will also be punctuated with side events like luxury book collections, temple lectures, and garden fairs, creating a moment of literature that is timeless and priceless.

The organizer also provides immersive Citywalk routes under four themes, i.e. museums, TCM and health, recreation, and accommodations. The routes all start from Wushan Square and wind across the entire district. Check-in and collection of the three-color stamps along any of the four routes, during a period from May 17 to 19, will be rewarded a little surprise.  

The photo contest on a par with the Citywalk also calls for nice pictures along the routes, in particular the inconspicuous corners and moments that in fact can strike a chord in our hearts. The contest, from now to this September, will offer gold, silver and bronze prizes and have those prize winners on display in the future.