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Confucius Temple Book Fair Slated to Return
2024-05-14 15:03      Source:Hangzhou China      

How fun can a book-themed flea market be? Anyone who has been to the Confucius Temple Book Fair surely has the answer. It will meet our fellow citizens once again from May 17 to 19.

This year’s Book Fair features a one-week “Book Drifting Program.” Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Garden and Cultural Relics has prepared 11 “Book Pavilions” for us to facilitate book exchanges and interactions, in a hope that the passion for reading may travel throughout the city.

If you have idle books at home, bring it to the pavilion with a message attached. You will get a free blind box at the Book Fair when the books are checked and allowed to circulate.

The message could be a paragraph on the front page or a slip tucked within, concerning either the reasons why you recommend the book or a personal experience with it. It will be like introducing the book to its next owner, a new bookworm affair in sight.

Some tips for donating and exchanging your books. Preferred genres include philosophy, literature, art, history, social sciences, picture books, and classic literature, and magazines, textbooks, pirated books are not allowed in. Books for exchange should also be in good condition: near mint, no obvious damage, scribbles, loose pages, or text illegibility.

The “Drifting” event runs from today until May 13. Pick an idle book, attach it with a message, and bring it to the Book Pavilion for the exchange of a bookmark with the Book Fair’s commemorative seal on. Present the bookmark to claim a blind box. Each book earns one bookmark, and each person can have up to 3 bookmarks.

You can find the pavilions right at the Visitor Center of Hangzhou Confucius Temple’s Steles Forest, Wenbao 360 Volunteers’ Home, Nanxing FUN Study, the Library of Shangcheng District, Wushan E-Volunteers Station, as well as Qingbo Subdistrict Administration, and its own communities like Ding’an Road Community, Laodong Road Community, Qinghefang Community, Qingbomen Community, and Liucui Jingxiang Community.