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“Snow Village” in Western Zhejiang Starts to Harvest High-attitude Vegetables
2024-05-14 11:32      Source:Hangzhou China      

The “Snow Village” in Western Zhejiang, actually a mountain-grown vegetable center at the foot of Taizijian Peak in Shangxi area, Long’gang of Lin’an District, was open to farmers for the first time. They could therefore pick the earliest peppers, called “Sujiao 5”, in the greenhouses.

The “Snow Village” initiative is an effort to achieve common prosperity initiated by Longgang Town, Lin’an District. The standard veggie-plantations and the thriving mountaintop vegetable industry along the Western Zhejiang area are the props to save its traditional agri-business that should otherwise be vulnerable to weather extremes, small in size, scattered in operations, and reluctant in branding for the high-end market.

Shangxi, where the center resides in the west of Zhejiang, sits right at the mountaintop. In winter, the whole region becomes snow-wrapped and thus wins the name “Snow Village”. The center in the blueprint will span 329.5 acres, with a total investment of RMB 67 million for the phase I. To date, a total of 65.9 acres has been translated into a standard vegetable area.

How to make profits from farmlands? Here is the answer: efforts are being carried out not only on infrastructural construction for farmland facilitates and wider application of machines, but on the introduction of standardized planting techniques and management schemes to enrich yields. Furthermore, big data are used as an info source for tailored planting and processing of vegetables at the disposal of markets, particularly the upscale market. 

“Significant temperature gaps between day and night in mountaintop areas cause a longer growing period for vegetables, which brings them a greater nutritional value and superior taste. Now we are able to supply vegetables all year round. Fruit corns, cucumbers, 14 tomato varieties, and a wealth of leafy vegetables, for instance, will hit the market in early July,” said Lou Jianfang, General Manager of Zhejiang Fengzhichu Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. The company is now operating the “Snow Village”, committing itself to a better performance in production, distribution, transportation, and even swelling the pocket of farmers. It aims to provide a comprehensive service integrating production, sales, and distribution for agri-products while assuring the high quality of them.  

Vegetables from the “Snow Village” will, before rooted at the Wechat Mini Programs and Tmall, be available first in fresh food stores and supermarkets in Lin’an District. Then it’s just a matter of finger flicks – place an order on the phone, and find the fresh, yummy vegetables on the doorstep in 24 hours.