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Prince Bay, Home to a Tulip Carnival from March 8
2024-03-14 12:50      Source:Hangzhou China      

Delights of people in Hangzhou know no bound in March as the annual tulip festival started at Taiziwan (Prince Bay) Park on the 8th of the month. Don’t miss out the booming plum trees, cherry blossoms, and, of course, tulips.

It was said “Alison Bradley”, a tulip variety, began to flower back in mid-February. Now merely 10% of the park’s tulips are flowering. Therefore, no need to rush for it. Just wait, and you will be given an eye feast in a few more days.

Lasting for over a month to April 14, the festival houses 400,000 bulbs planted in a field extending 8,000 sqm, including tulips, Marieke and Anemone flowers,

A bunch of new varieties also made debuts at the Park. ‘Tulip Jacuzzi’, the one with an eccentric name though, looks stunningly beautiful.

“Jacuzzi is quite special with an elegant grayish purple hue. We have more like this, like ‘Coronet’ for its crown-shaped flowers, and ‘Burning Fire’ for its flamboyant petals. They all look wonderful”, said the park staff.

Yet, please enjoy them in good manners. Mt. Fenghuang Management Committee of the West Lake Scenic Area, for an elevated tour experience, has taken more actions. For safety reasons, visitors can book it by time slots and choose a designated route either by water or on land.

The Park requires timed-entry reservation (2 hours for each slot, five slots a day) to prevent overcrowding. You can make advance reservations on WeChat official accounts “杭州西湖风景名胜区 (West Lake Scenic Area)”, “凤凰山管理处(Mt. Fenghuang Management Committee)”, WeChat mini programs “掌上西湖(A Click of the West Lake)”, “西湖旅游(West Lake Tours)”, etc.

We also recommend metro and bus. To access the park, you can take Bus 4 at “Longxiangqiao” or “Wushan Square”, Bus 194, 197 at “Huanglong Sports Center”, Bus 318 at “Wulin Square” or “Yellow Dragon Cave”.

Two metro routes particularly for a visit to tulips and cherry blossoms are also offered. The tulip route, opened on March 9, starts from “Hongchaomen” station (Bus 151 terminal “Xiongzhenlou”) and ends at Sudi Bus Stop (Leifeng Pagoda) near the Park. To see cherry blossoms, just take the previous West Lake Route 4 (Bus 139) and transfer at the metro station “Shuichengqiao”.