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King of Water Lilies Dazzles Visitors at Three Pools Mirroring the Moon
2023-09-07 15:44      Source:Hangzhou China      

A water lily exhibition with the theme of “good luck lotus” was unveiled in the scenic island of Three Pools Mirroring the Moon at the West Lake. On the island, visitors can see more than 70 varieties of water lilies and 30 varieties of lotuses. In particular, Victoria regia, the king of water lilies, blossomed. 

Victoria regia, belonging to the Nymphaeaceae family, is a large aquatic herb. Compared with ordinary water lily, it has bigger leaves, the edges of which roll upward and formed a circle like a big plate. There are five plants of Victoria regia by the Bridge of Nine Turnings on the island. The largest leaf has a diameter of 1.5 meters and is still growing. According to staff workers at the scenic spot, Victoria regia water lilies are flowering. Almost new buds bloom every day. Generally, the flowers are white on the first day, turn to pink on the second day, and red on the third day and sink into the water. This water lily species blooms at around four or five o’clock in the afternoon and close its flowers at around seven or nine o’clock the next day.   

Other water lilies on the island mostly bloom in the morning. The picture is dizzyingly beautiful. Staff workers of the scenic spot placed introduction tags to help visitors learn about each species. Potted plants growing quality water lilies are placed at the wharf of Xiaoying island. Among them are varieties cultivated by Chinese researchers as well as those claiming international awards.