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Baijiang Unveils Straw Dragon Museum to Bring Its Intangible Cultural to Life
2023-09-07 15:43      Source:Hangzhou China      

A 20-meter-long woven straw dragon recently came alive in Baijing Township of Tonglu County. Dragon dancers, wearing red costumes and pushing red wheelbarrows, presented the unique beauty of straw dragon to villagers. The straw dragon, a form of intangible cultural heritage originated in Baijiang more than 100 years ago, now has its own theme museum. 


The museum was built under the auspices of members of the 19th paired-up assistance group from Hangzhou for rural revitalization. Occupying an area of around 450 square meters, the building has six exhibition sections in two floors, four in the first floor and two in the second floor. “Each exhibition section tells of intangible cultural heritage in Baijiang and the entire Tonglu County. We can learn about the history of the Baijiang straw dragon, the wide range of intangible cultural heritage in Baijiang and its unique customs,” said Chen Cui, deputy mayor of Baijiang Township. 

Baijiang invited Lu Chunxiang, Wang Zhangsong and other country squires to be education advisors on the inheritance of local intangible cultural heritages. The museum will invite them to regular lectures on intangible cultural heritage. Craftsmen of intangible cultural heritage will also be involved to promote exchanges of various forms of intangible cultural heritage. An education base and a youth and children’s palace were also inaugurated in the museum. The youth and children’s palace of the Tonglu County will help Baijiang Township under a pair-up program and launch a variety of lectures and activities during the summer vocation in the straw dragon museum. 

Baijiang will seize the opportunity of the opening of the straw dragon museum and keep tapping into local fine intangible cultural heritage.