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Zhejiang Provincial Museum Opens New Branch on August 29
2023-09-04 10:32      Source:Hangzhou China      

The highly-anticipated new Zhijiang Branch of Zhejiang Provincial Museum opened on August 29. 

The new facility is located in Zhijiang Culture Center, which is also newly opened. Together with Zhijiang Branch of Zhejiang Library, Zhejiang Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum, Zhejiang Literature Center and Zhijiang Cultural Center and Zhejiang Public Service Center, it will bring visitors cultural experience integrating nature, culture, art and ecology. Zhijiang Branch is the largest venue in the Zhijiang Culture Center. Its building area is 100,000 square meters, exhibition area is 32,012 square meters, and building height is 59.9 meters. 

Zhejiang Provincial Museum has rolled out 13 exhibitions in the brand-new branch for the first time. An exhibition system has been introduced following the principle of planning exhibitions with insights, academic depth and humanistic touch.  

The blockbuster show of the new facility, 10,000 Years’ History of Zhejiang, has stirred a sensation among the public months before. On July 4, the museum released 130 shortlisted events for the chronicle of top 100 events in the 10,000-year cultural history of Zhejiang and invited the public to choose the most influential cultural events in the history of Zhejiang. 

After 15-day voting, a total of 56,032 valid ballots were collected, selecting top 100 events in the cultural history of Zhejiang. The events were included in the 10,000 Years’ History of Zhejiang exhibition. 

There are another five cultural exhibitions in display. They set focus on Zhejiang’s celadon culture, ocean culture, calligraphy culture, Song Dynasty culture and celebrity culture, exhibiting the footsteps of Zhejiang culture and the splendid history and spiritual lineage of the province. 

Bookings for a visit to the new Zhijiang Branch can be made on the WeChat public account of the Zhejiang Provincial Museum. Tickets from the afternoon of August 29 to September 1 are free. An appointment for a morning or afternoon visit can be made after real-name registration. Visitors are limited to 1,000 in number in the morning and afternoon, respectively. Four spots can be booked with one ID. Visitors can enter the pavilion with a QR code or their ID card after successful booking.