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Hangzhou to Open an Asian Flower Garden
2023-09-11 09:27      Source:Hangzhou China      

Hangzhou will see a new garden opened at their doorway. 

According to the city’s gardens and cultural heritage administration authority, a grand Asian flower garden is about to be completed. It will be a new landmark of the city. The garden is scheduled to open in the Qianjiang Century Park on September 10. Let’s check out what it will offer. 

The new garden made no changes to the previous landscapes. While the trees and shrubs have remained safe, the new flower scenes will appear on the lawns, pavements and flyover passages. 

Revolving around the theme of “a seed’s story,” the garden features three sections and multiple flower sites. Visitors are invited to admire the beauty of the flowers and contribute to promoting Asia’s floristic culture. 

The design of garden and the arrangement of flowers follow a neo-naturalism scheme. Flowers chosen for the show are those distinctive to participating countries of the Asian Games to be held in Hangzhou. Most of them are perennial flowers. Drawing on inspiration from the dominant hue of the Asian Games, the theme garden features cost-effective flower arrangements indicative of biodiversity with high aesthetic values, and long blooming period. 

Unlike traditional landscapes, plants and flowers in the theme garden are like those from nature. It offers an exemplary model for future urban landscaping. In the meantime, pine cone installations and corridor of friendship flowers were made with bamboo craft distinctive to Anji County, Zhejiang Province. It reflects the principle of green Asian Games and the charm of nature in Zhejiang.  

In the future, the Asian flower garden will tap into the ecological, cultural and art values of the park, combine activities for popularizing knowledge about nature and science and cultural activities and present visitors a wide range of interactive experience. The garden, which is open and dynamic and designed for the benefits of local residents, will be a green legacy of the Asian Games for Hangzhou.