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Plum Blossoms Are in the Prime at Xixi Wetlands
2023-03-06 10:43      Source:Hangzhou China       

Days’ sunshine in Hangzhou suggests the approaching spring and inspires the plum blossoms, as the first scene in the lovely season, to flower in the sun, alone and proud. As one of the “Eighteen West Lake Specials”, the plum blossoms in Xixi Wetlands are now in the prime for sightseeing. 

Zhoujiacun on Tinamushan Road, an entrance to the wetlands, is the most preferred site to start the trip. You may take a city metro to get there or, of course, choose somewhere else to save time, like Gaozhuang, Longshezui and the north gate on Wen’er West Road.  

The white plums against the cold air, when into the park, will be the first sight. Crowds flush to admire the little flowers, either on foot along the path or awaiting a boat tour at docks. Wherever they go, the scenes always satisfy their eyes. 

Meizhu Villa and Xixi Plum Villa are the best places to view plum blossoms. The stone path, to which the sign leads, is lined with tapestries of white and red blossoms that, rich in sorts, give a far-reaching smell even our face mask can’t resist. “The wetlands have never failed to impress me with its terrific beauty”, said a student from Zhejiang University. The flower field is crammed with people taking photos - girls in ancient costume with an oil-paper umbrella, families on picnic, and pro shooters each carrying a big camera.    

Aside from the landscape, boating is another way to get close to the blossoms. Most of the plum trees in Xixi grow by the waters, as the poem goes that “half of the sea of flowers are gone with the river.” While you are watching the pedals landing on the boat, someone is perhaps snapping such a moment of serenity from the land. What a beautiful scene!

Here’re some routes to suggest. For a walk, you may start with Zhoujia Village. Pay a visit to the recreation area in Meilin, Meizhu Villa, Xixi Plum Villa, Xixi Cottage, Meilin Road, and finally the entrance of Gao Village. For a sculling boat tour, the route will start at the dock in Zhoujia Village. Take it to stop at Meilin Villa and Xixi Plum Villa, and then back to Zhoujia Village. An electric boat tour will be different. It starts at the grand dock of Zhoujia Village, then Yanshui Village, Shentankou, Xixi Plum Villa, Jiaolu Villa, and ends in Zhoujia Village again. Helium balloon is another exciting vehicle, where a bird’s view may give you a wonderful sight of the blossoms from a totally different angle.  

The season in Xixi Wetlands also features a lot more floral existences, like Kalimeris indica, bamboo shoots, shepherd’s purse, Chinese toon, etc. Please save them. Do not pick flowers or young shoots, or you will be punished. Let’s do right things to make Xixi a better place.