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Plum Blossoms Play the Lead in Tour Attractions
2023-02-23 16:02      Source:Hangzhou China      

Attractions around the West Lake are abuzz with tourists thanks to the good weather and the right season for the plum blossoms, particularly the ones where the flowers are in full bloom.

Aside from Lingfeng and Gushan, some apparently less popular destinations are also brimming with people.

Huiyin Gaoli, a Buddhist temple in Santaishan Hill, is full of visitors. Embellished with yellow walls and black tiles, the century-old temple sits serenely at the foot of the Southern Peak with groves of the sweet-smelling, red plum blossoms – a gift of nature where to stay relaxed and get a grip of a true West Lake.

People thronged at the Qianwang Ancestral Hall for the flowing winter-sweet just days ago. But now, white and red plum blossoms have taken the place.