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Work Responsibilities
2023-11-24 16:53      Source:Hangzhou China      

Deputy Mayor Fang Yi is in charge of education, cultural affairs, tourism, civil affairs, veterans affairs, healthcare and medical security, and women and children affairs.

He supervises the work of the city’s Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, the Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs, the Municipal Bureau of Veterans Affairs, the Municipal Health Commission, the Municipal Medical Security Bureau, and the Municipal Academy of Social Sciences.

Fang is also the liaison to the city’s Municipal Press and Publication Bureau (Municipal Copyright Bureau), Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou Academy of Sciences (Hangzhou Open University, Hangzhou Community University), Zhejiang University City College, National University of Science and Technology Hangzhou Higher Research Institute, Hangzhou Vocational & Technical College, the Youth League Hangzhou Committee, the Women’s Federation, the Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the Federation of Social Sciences, and the Cares-for-Next-Generation Working Committee.

Deputy Mayor Fang is also temporarily entrusted with human resources and social security, agriculture and rural areas, forestry and water conservancy, ethnic and religious affairs, and administrative approval services.

He is thus temporarily the supervisor of the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Forestry and Water Conservancy Bureau, the Municipal Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau, the Administrative Approval Office (Office of Public Resource Trading Management Committee), the Supply and Market Cooperative, and the Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

He is temporarily the liaison to the city’s Municipal Meteorological Bureau.