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The West Lake
The West Lake came from a shallow bay in ancient times where Qiantang River ran into the sea. It was formerly named as Wulin Waters, Golden Buffalo Lake, Qiantang Lake and Xizi Lake. As it lies in the west of Hangzhou, it was later named the West Lake. It covers an area of 6.38KM2, the average depth being 2.27M and the deepest being 5M. It has mountains on three sides and the city on the remaining one side...
People’s Living
Income of urban and rural resident s improved continuously.In 2008, the disposable income per capita for urban residents was 24,104 yuan, up by 11.1 percent over the previous year, a real growth rate of 5.9 percent if eliminating the price factor. The net income per capita for rural residents in Hangzhou was 10,692 yuan, up by 12.0 percent, or a real growth rate of 6.8 percent if eliminating the price factor...People’s Living
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In 2011, Hangzhou fully implemented the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. achieved stable and rapid economic development. The Gross Domestic Product(GDP) of Hangzhou Exceeded 700 billion yuan
t0 701.180 billion yuan, up by 10.1% at comparable price over the previous year, with an annual economic growth rate of over 10% maintained for consecutive 21 years. The GDP per capita (calculated ...
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Hangzhou Metropolitan Region
Industrial Structure more
Hangzhou insists on keeping steady growth along with the structural adjustment. the industrial restructuring made new progess. In 2011, the realized value-added of the primary industry was 23.607 billion yuan, up by 2.5% over the previous year at the comparable prices. The realized value-added of the secondary industry reached 332.215 billion yuan, up by 9.8%. The realized value-added of the tertiary industry reached 345.358 billion yuan. up by 11%. The proportion of the three Industries was 3.3%, 47.4% and 49.3% respectively and the proportion ...
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Urban Agriculture more
Hangzhou fully implemented the policies of aiding agricultural and benefiting farmers. effectively promoted agricultural efficiency. In 2011, the total output value of farming, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery achieved 35.763 billion yuan, up by 13.1% at comparable price over the previous year...
Agricultural Industrialization
Urban-rural co-ordination
Industrial Development more
The industrial size and effectiveness were in steady growth. The added value of industrial enterprises above designated size was 233.778 billion yuan, up by 12.7%. The profits and taxes were 131.174 billion yuan, and the profits were 80.032 billion yuan, increased by 15.7% and 14.5%, respectively...
Technological Innovation
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Energy saving
Service Economy more
Vigorously promoted the priority development of service industries, optimizing the development, the main engjne role of the services sector in the Hangzhou Economic Development was more prominent. In 2011, the added value of service indusrry was 345.358 billion yuan, up by 11.0 percent, higher than the GDP growth rate by 0.9 percentage points....
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