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The First Cargo Airline Opened between Hangzhou and Canadian Cities
2024-06-03 14:30      Source:Hangzhou China      

Hangzhou and Vancouver were again linked for the first time by a Cargojet flight W81801, who just arrived at the former’s airport, with 2.6 tons of dungeness crabs, and soon headed back for the latter with 44.1 tons of online shopping goods only five hours later. For Hangzhou, this is the first cargo air route to Canada and the sixth cargo line to the North America, following New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Mexico City.  

According to the Customs, six out of ten exports from the city’s airport, in total weighing 33,900 tons, were orders from shopping websites or apps during the first four months. It is a year-on-year increase of 80.69%. The new cargo route, primarily serving PDD, AliExpress, SHEIN and the like, can facilitate a total transfer capacity of approximately 150 tons in three flights a week, delivering clothes, footwear, and miscellaneous commodities to Vancouver, Toronto and a few more big cities in Canada. As the route, for the entire province, is also an aerial gateway to import Canadian goods, we may expect more fresh lobsters, shells and fruits delivered on our doorstep from Canada in the future.

Vancouver is a major port and trade hub in Canada. “The opening of a cargo route from Hangzhou to Vancouver fills the gap in direct commodity transport from Zhejiang to Canada, and it can further improve the performance of air logistics between our province and the Americas. The route allows our goods to reach Vancouver in only 13 hours. It is a giant step in our air network building that covers the world’s major economies across Europe, America, and Asia, and it also helps us make Zhejiang a civic air powerhouse in China,” said a source from the airport.