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2023 Lin’an Half Marathon Is around the Corner
2023-02-15 16:35      Source:Hangzhou China      

Lin’an Half Marathon 2023 is about to start on March 26th. This will be the first marathon for this year in Hangzhou. The organizing authority wish the event again a great experience for all the athletes.

The half marathon, hosted by Lin’an District and organized by the district’s publicity and sport authorities, will be the best of all time in Lin’an’s history and an enduring memory for people braving such a long track.

2023 is the year of Asian Games, and Lin’an, as the host of taekwondo and wrestling events, will be another holy shrine for sports and fitness. The 21.0975-km race track, through the Cultural and Sports Exhibition Center, People’s Square, Qingshan Lake and Science and Technology City, must be a challenging arena for people and their families.

It will continue to be a comprehensive event for up to 5,000 runners in total, of which 3,000 for the half marathon (21.0975 km), 1,000 for the “health run” (7 km) and another 1,000 for the “family run” (2 km). You can pay 120 RMB/person to join the half marathon and 80 RMB/person for the health run or the family run. Find the mini program wrapped in the official account “Lin’an Release” on February 13, and register for it from the same day (10:00) to February 24 (18:00).