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Jingshan Tea to Be Harvested in Late March
2023-03-08 15:05      Source:Hangzhou China      

For people of Hangzhou, tea is a messenger of spring. Jingshan Tea, which has been silent for a long winter, stretches out its vibrant shoots in the breeze. When is the harvest? Is the tea good? The reporters are as curious as tea enthusiasts.


Higher yield and quality are expected in the harvest from late March

More than 4,600 hectares of tea gardens in Yuhang District are ready for the busiest days of the year. Tea experts and meteorologists predict that late March will be a good time to start picking. According to a professional at Jingshan Tea, "The tea is growing well this year, and the tea gardens are in good hands, so the output might be higher than last year, and the quality is better, too."

Yuhang District has prioritized Jingshan Tea in its marketing over the past two years. Planting tea in an eco-friendly way, processing tea with state-of-the-art technologies, and incorporating the legendary culture and history in branding and tourism... there are unlimited possibilities. Last year, over 20,000 tea farmers took care of the 4,600 hectares of tea gardens, securing a total output value of 5 billion yuan in the tea industry and a total sale of 1.3 billion yuan in agricultural products. "Green leaves" are indeed the "gold leaves" that advance rural industries and promote common prosperity.


Scenting the Asian Games with tea

The Asian Games are around the corner. Tea makers are thrilled to share the best Jingshan Tea with the world.

Camel Transworld, an official supplier of the Asian Games, proudly produces two merchandise items. One is the Jingshan Tea Gift Box, hand-painted with the iconic Jingshan Temple; the other is the Matcha Gift Box, decorated with the smiling faces of Congcong, Lianlian, and Chenchen.

Efuton, another tea manufacturer, wraps Jingshan Tea in a souvenir box made of traditional papers. The refreshing pale green tone, similar to the themed color of the Asian Games, carries a strong vibe of the upcoming events and the time-honored culture.