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Breeze Awakens the Lakeside Park
2023-02-28 14:37      Source:Hangzhou China      

The first thing that occurs to many people is the spring in Taiziwan Park, one of “the most beautiful springs in China”, when it comes to West Lake in springtime. This year’s spring, with breeze that started to fill the air, is awakening the park on its way.

Tulip buds are sprouting everywhere in the park, predicting an appallingly beautiful March.

Cherry blossoms are another beauty to be expected. Compared to tulips’ bright cheerfulness, cherry blossoms dressed in dreamy pink resemble a vast expanse of heavenly clouds. Cherries are blooming these days, bringing in the first sight of this year’s spring.

The authority of Fenghuang Mountain said that they planted 109 new cherry trees last year, mainly in Xiaoyaopo and Wangshanping, to bring more colors to the park. The early-year cherries, such as Somei-Yoshino, Prunus Xintrorsa and Cerasus Mill, will bloom in mid-to-late March. By then, the blossoms will resemble a forest of lovely petals dancing in the wind – it’ll be a totally different experience. 

Good news – the park was also dotted with over 100 acer palmatums awaiting to offer a big surprise in autumn. Let’s just wait and see.