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“Asian Games 10 Cities Tour” Kicks off in Greater Bay Area
2023-02-23 16:06      Source:Hangzhou China      

On Feb. 16, the "Asian Games 10-City Tour - Geely" reached Guangdong with one show, two publicity events and three running races. It was, as the first nationwide cultural promotion event HAGOC staged this year, a final stretch for the Games preparations.


As a national event of Hangzhou 2022, the city tour involves a range of wonderful activities.


Being the first to greet the public, the “Asian Games Talk” drew countless eyes with its profound cultural heritage, unique aesthetic symbols and innovative forms of presentation. At 10:00 a.m., the one in Zhuhai was held at the city’s Performance Hall of Beijing Normal University - Hong Kong Baptist University Joint International College. During the two presentations in the packed hall, the guests had great interactions with the students and teachers around topics such as the Games events, smart Games and Games aesthetics.


Later at 2:30 p.m., the “Asian Games Talk” (Guangzhou) centered on the legacies and innovations of the two Asian Games host cities (Guangzhou was the host city of the Asian Games 2014) in China, was held at the Guangzhou Library that was again crowded.


As evening drew near, the “Asian Games UP” (Fun Run of Asian Games) was triggered at three locations simultaneously - the second floor of Guangzhou Tower, Nansha Vitality Square and Zhuhai Grand Theatre Haiyuncheng Square. It was even spiced up with more fun activities, like photo-shooting, curve running, balance beam, obstacle tires etc.. Participants, on the finishing line, picked their commemorative medals, certificates and gifts, which were all the valuable memories.


As the “grand finale”, the “Asian Games Music” was unfolded on the second floor of Guangzhou Tower against the backdrop of the dazzling skyline of the Zhujiang New City. In sync with Zhuhai and Nansha’s broadcast, the show voiced people’s anticipations of Hangzhou Asian Games. Into the light and the city’s night also came the melodies “The Great Asia” and “The Flower City in Four Seasons @ the Future”. A Games-themed light show, in the meantime, was put on the stage in Guangzhou Tower together with the “10 Cities Tour” show of drones on the banks of Qiantang River, presenting a breathtakingly nice picture of the Asian Games.  


The “Asian Games Tour” in Guangzhou and Zhuhai, when ended, was the ninth stop. It was in Beijing, the “dual-Olympic city”, that the event would fulfill the mission.