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First Restaurant in China to Dine with Penguins
2023-02-23 15:53      Source:Hangzhou China      

What would it be like to dine with penguins?

The news of the penguin-themed restaurant, new to Hangzhou, has filtered through the city’s fashionistas and kids. It was opened on January 23, and soon became the subject for people’s photo and video stocks.

The restaurant has 12 Papua penguins, some 60-80 cm tall and 6 kg heavy, wobbling on their feet but swimming like pro athletes. It was officially opened on Feb. 14 in the city’s Zhongda Intime.

The restaurant, covering some 800 square meters, is on the sixth floor of the mall. Thanks to scientists’ efforts in polar environment, research and animal conservation, the penguins took a long trek from the Papua penguin breeding base and arrived safe. “We’ll try to let more people know about penguins and the harsh environment they come from. Hope they’ll see Hangzhou their home,” said the manager.

The restaurant is divided into ice, snow and rock areas, resembling the penguins’ path home. It serves not only western food, like penguin eggs and seafood, but “penguin-shaped” Chinese food for kids - an attempt to satisfy various taste buds.