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Prunus “Accolade” Cherry Blossoms in Taiziwan Park
2022-09-28 10:22      Source:Hangzhou China      

Appreciating cherry blossoms in Taiziwan Park is a kind of ritual unique to people in Hangzhou every spring. In the cool and refreshing early autumn, it comes as a pleasant surprise that the cherry blossoms in Taiziwan Park have opened again.

According to staff at the Management Office, the cherry blossoms that are open are Prunus 'Accolade', which gets its name because the flowers look like a medal. It is also the only type of cherry blossoms that are open for two seasons in Taiziwan Park. "Generally, cherry trees bloom twice due to environmental stimuli. For example, aridity in summer and appropriate temperatures in autumn create an illusion for cherry trees, but even if they bloom, they produce just a few flowers. Prunus 'Accolade' is one of its kind among cherry trees in that it blooms twice a year, from March to April and from October to December."

Although there are fewer blossoms than in spring, the delicate, graceful pink flowers are equally eye-catching. The 'Accolade' trees are mostly found in Wangshanping where the giant "windmill" stands. If the temperature is appropriate in the coming days, the cherry blossoms will remain a feast to the eye.

Reminder: if you want to go to the park, please wear a mask, show your green health code, and keep social distancing. Green modes of transportation are recommended.