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Arts and Crafts Exhibition Open to the Public
2022-09-28 10:21      Source:Hangzhou China      

On September 21, an arts and crafts exhibition in celebration of the approaching 20th CPC National Congress featuring paintings, photos and calligraphic works was launched in the exhibition hall on the second floor of Hangzhou Workers’ Cultural Center (Hangzhou Worker’s Cultural Palace). The exhibition is open to the public for free and will not close until October 25.


The exhibition extols the historic changes and achievements of the CPC and the country, demonstrates the strengths of China’s People’s Congress system and Hangzhou’s telling practice in building a model city of common prosperity, and promotes the spirit of the new-era model workers and craftsmen. It is sponsored by the General Office of the Standing Committee of Hangzhou Municipal People’s Congress, Hangzhou Federation of Trade Unions and Hangzhou Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and organized by Hangzhou Municipal People’s Congress Work Research Association, Hangzhou Association of Model Workers and Craftsmen, Hangzhou Fine Art Academy, Hangzhou Photographers’ Association and Hangzhou Workers’ Cultural Palace.


The exhibition displays 33 calligraphic works, 34 paintings, 22 craftworks and 30 photos from the city’s well-known calligraphers, painters, photographers and arts and crafts masters. Devoted to celebrating the 20th CPC National Congress adopting different perspectives and styles, these works vividly exemplify the craftsmanship, artistic excellence, innovative spirit and humanistic touch of modern artists, and express the wishes for a successful CPC National Congress and the conviction in the leadership of the CPC for a better future. 


At the opening ceremony, Wu Songjiang, a representative of “Hangzhou Craftsmen” engaged in stone carving for more than 30 years shared his story. “I have spent my whole life using stones to depict natural scenery and society. Our era abounds with touching and inspiring stories about the family and the country, and it is the craftsmen’s mission to depict the developing times and society.” Wu Songjiang also expressed hope for narrating the stories of our time using his skills so that they could be passed down from generation to generation and have a lasting impact.