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New Book on Song-style Cuisine Seen A Blockbuster
2022-09-28 10:20      Source:Hangzhou China      

New Taste of Song-style Cuisine of Louwailou Restaurant, a new book co-authored by Sima Yimin and Ling Yan, was sold out within less than 100 days after it hit the shelves. This fully reflects the appeal of the Song’s cuisine.

The new taste of Song-style cuisine blends the time-honored local cuisine and diverse delicacies in Hangzhou. In the Song dynasty, enjoying some good food was a sign of affluence. It was a desire of not only high society but also the common people. Any food, whether it is a feast of fat things or a plain meal of vegetables, is worth being enjoyed by heart – this is a positive attitude towards life.

The book consists of two parts: A Feast of the Ten Scenes of the West Lake and New Taste of Sun Yun Cuisine. The aesthetic dishes created by the chefs based on the basic rules of cuisine in the Song dynasty and the nutritional needs of modern people are seamlessly integrated with poems, paintings and literature in the Song dynasty, which constitute the string quartet of Song-style culture.