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New ID Card of Hangzhou Specialties Is on Trial
2022-12-02 15:53      Source:Hangzhou China      

It was noticed at WUMART that the 2nd generation ID card, called GM2D, on the package of "Lou Wai Lou" Dongpo pork, green bean cake and other specialties in Hangzhou. Consumers can check the test report and other information of the products, as well as the picture of product workshop, by only scanning the 2D identification.

GM2D is a global initiative put forward by GS1, an international commodity coding organization, aiming to promote the global commodity coding from barcode to QR code by 2027. In May, GS1, GS1 China and Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision Administration signed a joint statement that made Zhejiang Province a GM2D demonstration area. "Coded goods can provide consumers with more detailed and transparent information, and they can buy with greater assurance". An official of Hangzhou Market Supervision Administration said that after the original barcode is converted into a 2D QR code covering more information, it can not only display the production date, expiration date, batch and test report of the product, but also view the real-time dynamic information of the product, as well as pictures and videos via the cloud platform.

Since Zhejiang Province became the first GM2D demonstration area in the world, Xihu District Market Supervision Bureau supported enterprises to apply GM2D coding for foods. As of now, Lou Wai Lou has completed the GM2D coding for two products, namely the green bean cake (200g) and Ming Lou Dongpo pork (210g). Next, the Bureau will further promote the implementation of product batch code for a traceable source and flow and a controlled process, which is also a benefit to enterprise branding and to reassure consumers about quality.