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Loong Air Welcomes Its Cartoon Passenger
2022-12-02 15:50      Source:Hangzhou China      

On the afternoon of November 21, at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, Loong Air’s “Chinese Cartoon Flight” made its debut, and Lele, the mascot of China International Cartoon & Animation Festival was the flight’s first “passenger”.

The interior of the colorful aircraft cabin, including table trays, overhead compartments and seat towels gives a vivid expression of Chinese cartoon and animation. The flight, launched to create the buzz for the 18th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival, manifests Hangzhou’s vibrant vibe as a capital of cartoon and animation, and will help make cartoon and animation an integral part of the city and people’s lives.

“This is the first time that Loong Air cooperated with China International Cartoon & Animation Festival,” said Xie Haifu, general manager of the brand and marketing department of Loong Air. According to Xie, passengers are able to take the “Chinese Cartoon Flight” from November 21, and get hands on 50,000 themed boarding passes provided by Loong Air. Besides this, they will have the chance to get Chinese cartoon-themed steam heated eye masks, plush blankets or badges during the flight, making their journey an even greater pleasure. 

However, it takes a dose of luck to be a passenger of the flight. “At the moment, the flight has no fixed route, so for those opting for Loong Air before December 31, it’s sheer luck that decides whether or not they will encounter the flight. In the next step, Loong Air will launch a Weibo campaign to encourage people to register their presence on the flight, and participants will have the chance to win gifts,” introduced Xie Haifu.

As the 18th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival is coming, animation-themed subway compartments, themed stations, outdoor LED screens and display windows have been imbued with cartoon and animation elements, and the mascot “Lele” has left its footprints in the flower sea of Jingshan, the Citizen Center, Hubin Pedestrian Street and Deshou Palace. All systems are go for this year’s China International Cartoon & Animation Festival. Let’s look forward to it!