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2022 Reed Festival Unveiled at Xixi Wetland
2022-11-09 17:08      Source:Hangzhou China      

The 2022 Reed Festival was unveiled recently at Hangzhou’s Xixi Wetland and would last until January 2, 2023.

The festival starts at Qiuxue Nunnery, where a solemn sacrifice ceremony would be held to show respect for 1,044 poets of Liangzhe (today’s east and west Zhejiang), and calligraphers and painters would present their splashed paintings and calligraphy works on site. A seminar on the charms of Song poetry was also held at the Ancestral Hall of Poets of Liangzhe in Qiuxue Nunnery. Huang Yazhou, Honorary Chairman of Zhejiang Provincial Writers Association, Wang Yiqi, Vice President of China New Fu Writers Association, and other experts discussed impacts of the Song poetry on the-then social culture and explored poems rooted in Xixi.  

As autumn sets in, Xixi Wetland will provide a perfect destination for autumn sightseeing.

According to the wetland, on the space sized over 360 mu have grown tons of reeds, mostly around the Qiuxue Nunnery, including dilu, luzhu, and luwei in category. Every year in the middle and late November, the wetland looks just like being covered with a white carpet. 

During the festival, the white reeds and red persimmons shine each other. Withered persimmon leaves twirl downward in autumn blasts, leaving only agate-like persimmons dotted on the branches, crystal clear in the sun, which would be a rare beauty of the year. Recently, leaves of Metasequoia trees have turned brilliant yellow and red in Fudi, Yulin Roads and other areas, making them as beautiful as in a fairy tale. Masses of Polygonum hydropipers bloom in pale pink under the Metasequoia trees, adding tenderness to Xixi Wetland in autumn. Plus, tourists could experience a fisherman’s life by participating in a special route on the electro-cruise to travel in a pictorial world, walk along the road and listen to bird singing, or take a helium balloon to overlook the colorful wetland.

Autumn is also a good season for children to participate in outdoor activities. Next, Xixi Wetland will launch nature-related research courses, such as solar terms and reeds in late autumn to help children gain extracurricular knowledge happily.

Come to Xixi and enjoy the autumn!