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Nine Communities (Villages) Selected as National Age-Friendly Models
2022-11-09 17:07      Source:Hangzhou China      

Recently, the National Health Commission and China National Committee on Aging honored 999 communities (villages) nationwide as national age-friendly demonstration communities (villages) of the year, including nine in Hangzhou: Gaocheng Village in Shangcheng District, Gubei Community in Xihu District, Fenghuang Village in Xiaoshan District, Feicui Community, in Yuhang District, Lanting Community in Linping District, Xinjian Village in Fuyang District, Nanmen Community in Tonglu County, Wangfu Village in Chun’an County, and Mingzhu Community in Jiande City.

This year (or the second year)’s national age-friendly demonstration communities (villages) were selected in accordance with the Scoring Rules for the Selection of National Age-friendly Demonstration Communities (Villages) (Trial), which includes 40 scoring indicators, such as safe and tidy living environment, convenient travel facilities, accessible community services, extensive social participation, the fostering of an atmosphere of filial piety and respect for the elderly, technological innovation in supporting the elderly, and proper management.

Fifty of the 72 communities (villages) applying for age-friendly communities (villages) were selected as city-level ones after on-site review, including nine as nation-level demonstration communities. 

Hangzhou plans to establish 250 more city-level age-friendly communities (villages) from 2023 to 2025, and even 32 more nation-level demonstration communities.

It is planed that by the end of 2030, age-friendly ones will cover over 50% of communities and villages in Hangzhou and by the end of 2035, almost all communities and villages in the city will meet these standards.