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Elevators to Install in Aged Residences for People’s Well-being
2022-11-04 11:06      Source:Hangzhou China      

Hangzhou located the first batch of aged residential buildings to install elevators in August 2017. In November the same year, such elevators were first in use at two buildings in Xinmincun of Shangcheng District. On April 1, 2021, Hangzhou’s Management Rules to the Installation of Elevators in Aged Residential Buildings was officially put into practice.  

The installation of elevators has been one of the city’s top ten well-being projects for six consecutive years and has been on the priority list of the “common prosperity” demonstration zone. Up to now, over 4,000 elevators have been installed to benefit nearly 50,000 households. It was even named as a model case of “public-voted pro-people project” by the National People’s Congress.