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Fuzzy Green Coats Bai Causeway
2022-11-24 14:38      Source:Hangzhou China      

The sprawling green space over the Bai Causeway is thought to be what manifests the magnetism of the West Lake in fall and winter. This year is no exception as gardeners at Yue Fei Temple Management Office established a 10,000 square-meter new lawn made up of ryegrass which, if you look from afar, evokes a feeling of warm fuzz.

Double seeding to establish a new lawn is one of the major tasks of the management office as winter nears. The gardeners will first need to cut the grass to a recommended low, clear out dead blades and weeds before they could sow the land with grass seeds for winter months. They will then use a layer of non-woven fabric to cover the land and keep the grass watered and well-maintained. The fabric will eventually be removed when the grass grows to a certain level that renders it unnecessary.

“We have replaced the original warm-season grass with a typical cool-season grass called ryegrass. This type of grass has a high tolerance for frigid temperatures and therefore leads to better performance in cold weather.”

For those who might be wondering what the non-woven fabric is there for, it serves as a way of protection to protect the seeds from unfavorable moisture and temperature conditions and also from birds.

Winter dormancy is a period when plants and other life forms hunker down and wait for their chance to explode with new bursts of energy. The same force is building up over the Bai Dike at the moment, over the exuberant green grass and the blades beset with glistening drops of dew.

The West Lake Scenic Area reminds you that the grass over the Bai Dike is in a vulnerable state, in which case your tenderness and kindness matters. If visitors can interact with it properly, the green space will potentially last longer and bring you more content.