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Xiaoshan Initiates an Awareness-Raising Event for Healthier Family Values
2022-11-24 14:36      Source:Hangzhou China      

Family is the fundamental unit of a nation, and it should honor probity as its main value. Recently, Xiaoshan initiated a campaign themed “Family in Place for Probity in Xiaoshan” among the family members of local officials to raise the awareness of the importance of family virtues.

Family members of local officials are called upon to abide by the law and moral principles, discipline themselves to set a good example in their family, and do well in four matters, namely to play their role of promoting probity, set store by probity, strive for a better life and support their loved ones to work hard for greater achievements, so as to contribute to Xiaoshan’s quality development and the Chinese modernization.

Family values seem too big to work on, but through real stories, short plays and shows about common prosperity, the Asian Games and the battle against Covid-19 from the perspective of the above-mentioned four matters, Xiaoshan has given living examples of family values and demonstrated its probity-valuing environment at both family and society levels. 

At the event, the chair of the district’s Women’s Federation and citizen representatives advocated for the “Good Time Together” Family Day in the form of poem reading, and theme videos of the campaign were played and an awards ceremony was held.