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Hangzhou Marathon Expo, Lively and Bustling
2022-11-24 14:35      Source:Hangzhou China      

2022 Hangzhou Marathon will kick off this Sunday. Before the event, from November 17th to 19th, Hangzhou Marathon Expo was opened at Dragon Sports Center. What had the expo prepared for the participants? Let’s find out together.

Runners were first requested to pick up packages for the marathon, including entry certificate, sports T-shirt, a manual book, and pandemic prevention articles... Mr. Chen checked the material bag. This was Chen’s second run. Instead of being excited, he felt more hopeful. “The last time was not well achieved, and this year I will try my best.” It should be noted that to avoid race bandits, runner replacement and the like, this year’s marathon adopted a paperless process for material pick-up.

Warm-up activities such as taking shots at photogenic spot, playing games, getting equipment, and listening to lectures were launched and various sports brands came here to exhibit their “fresh items” and advanced techniques. Internet influencers “wave mobile phones” to cheer for the marathon expo in front Audi’s booth; at Li Ning Sports Goods Co. Sport Science Research Center, intelligent physical fitness test, running shoe experience, lottery drawing for 2023 Hangzhou Marathon attracted a lot of visitors. “Sports is a big receptacle with rich content. We will further our cooperation with Hangzhou Marathon to achieve win-win results,” said by an Audi manager.

The Expo brought together high-quality running event operators, sports brands, suppliers of equipment and intelligent sports providers, offering runners from China and beyond opportunities to experience cutting-edge products, thus turning the expo into a warm and marketable eye-feast, which enabled sports fans to feel the positive marathon spirit and experience rich and colorful sports life.

The Expo also indicated the final countdown of 2022 Hangzhou Marathon. Before the marathon was triggered, just go and visit the “warm-up show.”


Please collect the material bag at designated time to avoid crowding: Local runners between November 17-18 and runners outside Zhejiang on the afternoon of November 19;

Couple or family runners’ packages could be picked up by one member;

Please show Zhejiang (Hangzhou)’s Health Code and digital travel records in advance for inspection on the day of pick-up.