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A Guide on the Most “Instagramable” Spots in West Lake and Xixi in Autumn
2022-11-24 14:34      Source:Hangzhou China      

Autumn is in its prime time, and the West Lake Scenic Area and Xixi National Wetland Park which are witnessing swathes of plants in various colors flourishing are also ushering in their colorful season. Where exactly could visitors appreciate the beautiful autumn scenery in these areas? Here is a guide.

Xixi National Wetland Park:

Xixi is celebrating its reed-viewing festival, and it’s high time you came here to appreciate the snow-white autumn reeds.

The Xixi reeds could be appreciated near the Xialongtan Water, which is surrounded by creeks and rivers. The light and white reeds swing against breezes like cotton wool, and when the wind blows, they soar into the sky and dance like snowflakes.

In autumn, visitors can row the boat and meander through the world of reeds, or climb onto the Tanzhi Tower of Qiuxue Temple to appreciate the snow-white reeds. Visitors are recommended to enjoy the views in an oar-driven boat, which will set off from the Zhoujia Village Pier, and pass Xixi Meishu, Xialongtan Water and Qiuxue Temple before returning to the pier. The reed bed near Qiuxue Temple covers more than 24 hectares, which would be an extra bonus for the park-goers. 

Hangzhou Botanical Garden:

In locals’ views, Hangzhou Botanical Garden is one of the most recognized “autumn viewing” venue, which is unparalleled in terms of both the variety and quantity of plants. The maple trees in the garden all have a time-honored history, with their leaves flourishing to the extent of overlapping one another. Imagine how beautiful the scene would be!

A Chrysanthemum Exhibition is also open now, where thousands of chrysanthemum flowers in various shapes are blossoming. Some look like lotus flowers, while others look like pine needles and stacked balls. In some cases, two or three chrysanthemum flowers would form a landscape sketch, attracting visitors to pause and take photos.

Wugui Pond:

Wugui Pond is located in the west of the southern section of the Yanggong Causeway. Leading visitors to bridges and pavilions, the lake has always been a fairyland and a tranquil treasure place in the West Lake Scenic Area.

The color of Japanese maple and red maple may be in the best position to represent the color of autumn, but there is another kind of tree whose leaves are even brighter than those of red maple: Chinese tallow tree. You can find it at the lakefront.

The Chinese tallow trees are in their prime time for appreciation. The white seeds and the diamond-shaped leaves in yellow, bright red and crimson hang on the branches, maximizing the charm of autumn. In addition to the Chinese tallow trees, there are also reeds and cotton roses near the Pond vying for attention.

Hangzhou White Tower Park:

Without many visits, the White Tower Park on weekdays is quiet in its own way, and it’s particularly true in autumn when the dazzling spring and summer blossoms fade from the limelight and give way to the sweet-scented osmanthus flowers and ornamental grasses characteristic of autumn landscape.

Beneath the yellow ginkgo trees and beside the park road paved by camphor stakes, ornamental grasses of different textures are growing in a picturesque riot.

Looking closely, you will find the poetic wolf-tail grasses that have borne thick spikes and the tall hardy sugar cane that look like reeds swinging in a graceful manner.

There are also some stuff of the past in the White Tower Park, such as the “green train” and facilities once used as warehouses. Now would be a perfect time for you to have a nostalgic journey in the park while appreciating the autumn scenery there.

There are many other attractions in the West Lake Scenic Area and Xixi National Wetland Park waiting for visitors. Why not go on an excursion there with your families at weekends?