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The First Tea Community’s Talks Staged in Hangzhou
2022-11-24 14:27      Source:Hangzhou China      

The first Hangzhou Tea Summit was held days ago at Hangzhou Tea Factory in a bid to uphold Hangzhou as the tea capital of China and craftspeople the soul of tea. It was widely participated by those active in tea culture fields, tea craftspeople and company representatives, the presence of which contributed to a robust exchange of ideas.

The summit was co-hosted by Hangzhou Supply and Marketing Cooperative, Hangzhou Tea Culture Research Association and Hangzhou Model Craftspeople Association, with Hangzhou Tea Factory and Daily Business being the organizer. Two ends are pursued in their effort to elevate the status of tea as the national beverage and promote Hangzhou’s reputation as the tea capital. One is to shape the character of youth by introducing the spirit of model workers, hard work and craftsmanship. The other is to drive high-quality development of Hangzhou’s tea industry to meet people’s expectation for better lives.

Model craftspeople Shen Liming, Fan Shenghua, Ding Yongjun attended the event, demonstrating the techniques involved in tea ceremony, tea frying and tea planting for people to gain new insights into the subject.

For the roundtable session, Wang Jianrong, member of the Academic Board of China International Tea Culture Research Association and former director of China National Tea Museum, You Hongying, general manager of Hangzhou Tea Factory and the winner of National Labor Medal and Hangzhou Craftspeople Awards, Yu Liangzi, senior experimentalist at the Tea Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Zhou Jihong, visiting associate professor at the Tea Research Institute of Zhejiang University spoke in turns about how they proposed to develop Hangzhou into the tea capital based on their respective expertise in tea art, tea culture, the industry and the technology.

To make the case for the importance of craftsmanship, tea craftspeople like Fan Shenghua, inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of West Lake Longjing picking and producing, Chen Yifang, president of Zhejiang Suye Tea Research Institute, Zhou Shengde, tea critic and tea producer at Hangzhou Shifeng Tea Co., Ltd. and Li Xiaojun, founder of Hangzhou Yifutang Tea Co., Ltd. went deep into things at the core of tea, offering an insider’s point of view on tea culture, the skills required for tea ceremony, the industry and the technical knowhow for tea production and evaluation.