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“Osmanthus Economy” Booms Online
2022-11-01 16:54      Source:Hangzhou China      

As Osmanthus flowers are in a prime time, many cities nationwide are being filled with the sweet perfume. The “osmanthus economy” unique to autumn also heats up. A number of milk tea stores and cafes in Hangzhou introduced Osmanthus-flavored drinks; Dingdong Maicai and other fresh food e-commerce platforms unveiled specific zones for seasonal goods, among which Osmanthus-flavored food enjoy wide popularity.   

To enable customers to enjoy the sweet flowers and fine wine, recently, Dingdong Maicai released Osmanthus-flavored rice distillate, Osmanthus wine, sparkling Osmanthus-flavored rice wine, glutinous rice balls and Osmanthus in fermented rice wine, Osmanthus ice jelly, etc., among which Osmanthus wine, taking Wuchang glutinous rice wine as the core, and mixed with yingui (literally, silver Osmanthus) from Guangxi province, tastes moderate and thus suitable for household use. Data said sales of Osmanthus wine and relevant goods in Dingdong Maicai entered into its peak within one week, 80% higher from the same period a month ago. Of the top 5 specialty wines, three were Osmanthus wines. 

Dingdong Maicai’s self-owned brand Cai Changqing also created Osmanthus-flavored roast chicken and steamed Osmanthus cake. The former is well-received and its sale boomed these days, over ten times higher than the same period of the last month. Some customers, in addition to enjoying Osmanthus-flavored food and wines, also buy Osmanthus flowers to appreciate at home. More than 30,000 pots of osmanthus flowers have been sold on e-commerce platforms in the past month at a price of 19.9 yuan each. 

The Chinese word for persimmon is “柿,” pronounced the same as “事,” so “万事如意” (pronounced as wanshi ruyi in Chinese, means “everything goes well”), “好事发生” (pronounced as haoshi fasheng in Chinese, means “something good will happen”) are sometimes written as “万’柿’如意” and “好 ‘柿’ 发生” respectively. Due to festive appearance and auspicious meaning, persimmon becomes a hit this autumn. People in Hangzhou can taste the cute and sweet yikoushi from Shaanxi and tangxin persimmon from Yongding in Fujian without setting foot outdoors. At peak times, e-commerce platforms could sell as many as 300,000 persimmons per day.

In addition to persimmons, seasonal fruits such as grapefruits and citruses grow in abundance in autumn. Dingdong Maicai buyer Zhao Tao said that up to now, the platform has sells a dozen kinds of grapefruits, including guanxi miyou, wendan you, putao you and xiyou. This year, guanxi miyou’s output increases by 20%. It is not only affordable but with a sweetness 1-2 degrees higher than previous years.

When it comes to food in autumn, we won’t miss crabs. Yangchenghu Hairy Crabs, failing to satisfy people’s buds on this Mid-Autumn Festival, were finally caught in September. Recently, tons of crabs were coming onto the market. According to Wang Hang, a developer at the hairy crab base of Dingdong Maicai, crabs would get ripe between October and November and taste better in that period. Plus, with a growing stock, the price of crabs will drop slightly.