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Flowers Thriving in Liangzhu New Town Form an Eco-Friendly Scene
2022-11-01 16:53      Source:Hangzhou China      

North to Haoyun Street in the core area of Liangzhu New Town in Yuhang District, flowers covering more than 60,000 square meters are blooming amid the newly built high-rise buildings, impressing visitors with a colorful and eco-friendly sight. In the next three years, Liangzhu New Town will build 19 greenways, including the Caihonghe Greenway and Xiecungang Greenway, and construct parks covering about 980,000 square meters in total, including Zhongyanghu Park, Yuzhaigang Yushui Garden and Children’s Sports Park, in an effort to create an eco-friendly town featuring a harmonious coexistence of green space and modern buildings.