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Get a Glimpse of Poetic Life at Guan Kiln Museum
2022-10-08 14:32      Source:Hangzhou China      

Burning incense, sipping tea, hanging paintings, arranging flowers...the Song people are famous for such a graceful lifestyle.


In the afternoon of September 28, a "Culture Matters: West Lake and Xixi Song-style Life Festival" was held at Southern Song Dynasty Guan Kiln Museum (one of the three divisions of the West Lake Museum). The cultural tourism departments and enterprises from the West Lake and Xixi Scenic Area gathered to relive the lifestyle practiced by the Song people, including playing zithers, blending fragrances and boiling tea.


The Song people knew how to find beauty and romance in their mundane lives. Inspired by such an attitude, people today reminisce about these good old days, and cleverly combine the old and the new. Especially in the West Lake and Xixi Scenic Area, where the Song legacy is deeply rooted, poetry, Zen tea and a reclusive spirit have been cherished for a thousand years.

It's not difficult to find Song-style shops, dramas, banquets or teahouses in the neighborhood. At the festival, awards were given to the "Top 10 Song Cultural Spaces in West Lake and Xixi" and the "Top 10 Song Programs in West Lake and Xixi," recognizing their efforts to save the heritage.


According to the staff of the scenic area, the cultural tourism practitioners, with their refined taste and the skills passed down from generation to generation, are determined to unfold an elegant picture of Song life. They believe Song culture should not only be written in historical books, but also reflected in our daily lives, in art, and in public and private spaces. Traditions can be appropriately revitalized to fit into our modern lives.