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A New Dream of Splendor Unfolds by West Lake
2022-10-08 14:31      Source:Hangzhou China      

In answer to people’s desire for poetry and long-distance travel, Hangzhou is ramping up its efforts to form a new city landscape that puts local historical and cultural features in the spotlight. On September 27, Hangzhou Institute for West Lake Study announced the establishment of a sub-institute for cultural tourism that serves various purposes from spreading West Lake culture to improving the quality of cultural tourism service at the West Lake and creating West Lake inspired cultural and creative products and experiences. It is believed that the sub-institute will become a steering force in the transformation of West Lake’s cultural tourism industry and help repeat the success of the huge intellectual property program - A Dream of Splendor.


As an indispensable division of Hangzhou International Urbanology Study Centre, Hangzhou Institute for West Lake Study is founded on West Lake’s remarkable cultural heritage, with a distinctive study system and eight sub-institutes looking into different areas yet sharing the same academic interest in West Lake cultural landscape.


The principal mission of the cultural tourism sub-institute is to tell a good story about the West Lake, which relies heavily on the reciprocity between culture and tourism industry. Going forward, the sub-institute is committed to upgrading West Lake’s cultural tourism by exploring new approaches, launching new products and forging new business models. In the meantime, it aims to explore new opportunities and open up new markets in cross-province and cross-city tourism.

The Spring and Autumn Trip for West Lake Study, with details yet to be finalized, is the first study and field project of the sub-institute since its inception. The project is set to take place on lawns inside the West Lake Scenic Area where stories of famous historical figures, anecdotes and literary masterpieces from the Tang and Song Dynasty will be told as a way to complement school teaching. The project highlights the participation of schools, families and children and functions as a high-quality teaching practice and a meaningful window into West Lake culture as well.