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Yaolin Explores the Future of “All-for-one Tourism”
2022-10-08 14:30      Source:Hangzhou China      

Amid the waving rice and swaying flowers, a “Future Countryside for Common Prosperity” press conference was held on Sept. 28 in beautiful Dazhoufan. 14 townships (sub-streets), institutions under the immediate jurisdiction of the county and 10 media outlets at central, provincial and municipal level gathered to explore common prosperity, rural revitalization and industrial development, and share their ideas on the development of agriculture, culture and tourism and a high-quality, fruitful “holistic scenery construction” in Yaolin.


To enlarge the county’s tourism pie and upgrade its tourism as a whole, Yaolin has been coordinating the “holistic scenic area” and “rural tourism” schemes, integrating agriculture, culture, tourism and sports, and taking incremental steps to optimize its tourism environment, improve the industrial infrastructure, and cultivate new tourism forms. To better visitors’ travel experience while accommodating local needs, Yaolin has “fine-tuned” its tourism environment, made all-round efforts to create traveling highlights specific to its honorary titles such as provincial-level beautiful town, provincial-level AAAA scenic town, provincial-level town for mountain sports and leisure activities, and AAA scenic village, and “elaborately upgraded” its tourism-supporting transport and public facilities, such as Asian Games Equestrian Sports Park and the greenway along the Fenshui River. So far this year, 52 “fine tuning and elaborate upgrading” projects have been proposed, the total investment of which reached 376 million yuan.


For example, the town invested 640 million yuan to upgrade its conventional tourist attractions such as the Chuiyun Tongtian River, Yaolin Fairyland and the Grandma’s House in the Red Lantern Country Hometown Scenic Area. This summer, Yaolin registered 419,000 tourist trips and 45.97 million yuan in tourist revenue, a year-on-year increase of 163% and 216% respectively. This year, revolving around “all-for-one tourism” and “holistic scenic area”, Yaolin continues to improve the urban and rural environment, and has launched well-received travel itineraries and highlights and made the “holistic scenic area” cleaner, greener, more organized and beautiful. So far there’ve been 40 environment-improving projects with a total investment of 274 million yuan in the works.


According to a clerk of the town authority, Yaolin is pursuing integrated development and adopting a holistic approach whereby the town is treated as one scenic area, or one garden. Next, centering on future countryside construction and common prosperity, Yaolin will coordinate resources to a greater extent, improve the environment, expand the space, integrate projects, and bring the unique features of the scenic areas in individual villages into full play, so as to strengthen business forms in rural areas, maximize the effects of integrated development of agriculture, culture, tourism and sports, and provide a new integrated development model that could be workable elsewhere.