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Idle lands in Chun’an Zhongzhou Ushers in a Bumper Rice Harvest
2022-10-24 09:59      Source:Hangzhou China      

Amid the autumn breezes and fragrant rice, the Panlong Fan (畈, meaning fields) functional area for grain production in Zhongzhou Town of the old revolutionary base area of Chun’an County is celebrating an autumn harvest. Golden rice ears and unhusked plump rice shine in the fields, speaking to the bright prospects of industrial prosperity and rural revitalization.

In the Panlong Fan grain production functional area, farmers lose no wonderful autumn time to wield their sickles and cut off the rice ears, rice fragrance and happy faces forming a gratifying harvesting scene in the golden fields.

Until 7 months ago, the Panlong Fan was just a wild land. After it was included in the list to reform Chu’an’s idle arable lands and optimize Chu’an’s functional areas for grain production, government of Zhongzhou Town has attached great importance to the project, and the Villagers Committee of Fantou Village and CPC Fantou Village Committee have actively collaborated in transferring the idle lands to productive farmers through tender, who will take charge of the land development and grain cultivation. In doing so, companies, villagers and villages as a whole could share the win-win benefits, and idle lands are turned to grain fields, which not only optimizes the land resource, but promotes agricultural industrialization, scales up production and increases the yield and farmers’ income.