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The Number of Visitors to Manjuelong Reaches New Height
2022-10-24 09:58      Source:Hangzhou China      

“Osmanthus pieces fall from the moon, otherworldly scent floats through the air.” Osmanthus is the official city flower of Hangzhou and an integral note of autumn here. However, with roller coaster temperatures in early October, many had worried that there might be no blossom at all.

That worry proved unnecessary. Temperature has since been rising, creating favorable conditions that prepared the buds for a second wave of blossom that soaked the whole city with its pleasant sweetness.

It is impossible to enumerate ideal destinations for Osmanthus viewing without mentioning the name Manjuelong. Being near the West Lake, Manjuelong has a long history of growing Osmanthus since before the Ming Dynasty and is now home to more than 7,000 Osmanthus trees with the oldest aged over 200 years. A long line of visitors streamed into Manjuelong over the last few days, captivated by the spectacle of Osmanthus blossom and delectable treats such as Osmanthus cake and Osmanthus Longjing tea.

Facing the large influx of visitors, West Lake scenic area has meted out robust actions and increased manpower to maintain proper order which is required for a smooth and enjoyable sightseeing experience.

“Xihu Subdistrict has worked in collaboration with administration commission, public security, law enforcement and market supervision authorities to form a task force responsible for maintaining order in the area. According to the work schedule, 15 people will be on duty each day, with the number doubling on holidays, to ensure orderly traffic and proper visitor management. The duties also include things like risk detection and food security check.”

Every year when Osmanthus flowers bloom, villagers in Manjuelong will come to their tea gardens where Osmanthus is grown, gently knock down the flowers and make Osmanthus-flavored food out of it. Some would go on putting up home-made Osmanthus products for sale, carrying on a practice that nods to the distinctive local traditions.

This year, the subdistrict has rolled out a series of measures that specifically target those establishing stands or peddling wares in the open that doesn’t come into compliance with regulatory standards.

“We have set up an open-air trading area with specific rules governing which products should be sold when and where. In this way, we managed to keep everything neat and tidy and were able to offer better visitor experience as a result of improved management.”

Different sets of regulations are being applied at different places in Manjuelong to help control the traffic. Shiwudong Bus Station and the entrance to Shiwudong Park on Manjuelong Road are designated pick-up/drop-off zones for taxi and ride-hailing services. It should be noted that no unoccupied taxi or ride-hailing vehicle is allowed to drive uphill from east to west into Manjuelong or Longjing scenic area during peak times.

For your information, Manjuelong Village, especially Xia Manjuelong is seeing huge crowds of visitors. The main road, Manjuelong Road is a city road with high density of traffic on a regular basis. For that reason, we call on visitors to look out for passing vehicles while taking photos and be sure not to stand in the middle of the road or else they might risk their own safety or at the very least causing traffic congestion.