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Lakeside Go-Karts Opened at Tangxi Village This Fall 
2022-10-24 09:56      Source:Hangzhou China      

Feel like a countryside trip on some cool day this fall?

Here’s a new way. Let’s go find the lakeside karting club at Tangxi town, Linping to enjoy the thrills of karting race and the pleasure of camping. 

The club was open for trial operation during this year's National Day holiday. It has received hundreds of people per day in the first two opening days.

"A young man came for three days in a row, the first time with his brother, the second time his friend, and the third time his parents. They all said here was a good place, very nice," said the head of the club.

Indeed, the unusual karting tracks run through a loquat forest, with a lake in the middle, and by the lakeside there are 10 decks for angling. 

"Tangxi is known for its loquat. There are 41 loquat trees along a track around. When the loquats are ripe next year, you can race karts and try loquats at the same time."

The tracks are well-conditioned (paved with SBS modified asphalt), 440 meters in length and 6.5 meters in width. The club has 16 go-karts 60 kilometers per hour, including 10 one-seaters and 6 two-seaters. 

"Don't underestimate the speed. The low seat, the open cockpit and the centrifugal force of the hairpin turn will be all the sources of thrill, "said a go-kart coach.

Each picking a helmet, we took some training before sunk into the karts. Holding the steering wheel in hands, we gently stepped on the accelerator and felt the go-kart roaring and rushing on the track.

It picked up speed on the straight track and slowed down to pass the bend like a winding snake. Under the centrifugal force of several hairpin turns in a row, I had to hit the brake with my left foot and then the accelerator with my right foot, and the switch would last six minutes. I felt like I and the kart were one and couldn’t help shouting, "it was so exciting!"

It's okay if you never drove a go-kart before. Just keep in your mind that "the brake is on the left foot, the accelerator on the right foot," and you can do the kart-racing. 

In addition to racing on the track, you can watch others racing from the Instagrammable glass viewing deck on the lake. It has two floors. On the first floor there is a 360º lounge and a tea bar where you can have a panoramic view of the tracks and the lake; on the second floor there is an outdoor stand.

"Only the adults' tracks are open now. We also have a children's race track, which is expected to open at the end of the month," said the club manager.

If you have guts, just walk on the lake-spanning cable bridge or climb up the bamboo tower. Not far away there are boutique B&Bs, farm-stays, a food street famous for its crayfish dishes, and an ecological experiencex park. 

"Tangxi is already famous. The re-landscaping made the village cleaner and more beautiful, with more places of interest. But for travelers, we need more attractions to keep them here for a longer while. That’s the key," said Tang Guobiao, Tangxi's CPC secretary. The karting club is one of the attractions, together with a rope skiing and jungle adventure.

Want to race the go-kart in the loquat forest? 

Here is the chance to win a free ticket (with only 20 seats available). You can choose either the one-seater (rate: 118 yuan) or two-seater (rate: 138 yuan).

How to get it? Download the app "Chengshi Hudong," post a thread with the hashtag "Our Big Hangzhou" on "Chengyouquan" and share the fun rural experience you had in photos or videos and texts. Don’t forget to add the hashtag #Karting#. We will select 20 of the most liked posts and give their authors each a free ticket. 

Deadline for posting: 12:00 a.m., October 20.